Make a Do-it-yourself Deodorant Spray (That Actually Works!)

This natural DIY deodorant spray is a great alternative to store-bought deodorants—it’s easy to make and will keep you smelling fresh all day long.

I have gone back and forth on whether or not natural deodorant is really a good idea. When I think about the kinds of chemicals you’re putting onto (and into) your body when you use certain store-bought varieties, I feel all Earth Mama and ready to slather some homemade cream on the pits.

But other times, I want to be 100 percent confident in the fact that I won’t be sweaty—or worse, smelly—a few short hours after application. I’ve learned that when it comes to natural deodorant, you will sweat and possibly stink. And it is certainly an adjustment.

I have loved this coconut oil-based deodorant and even this DIY deodorant bar for some time. But I have come to realize that for reducing sweat and handling odors, this vodka and essential oil deodorant spray recipe is my favorite DIY yet.