3 Issues Magnificence Lovers Do


1. They revel in getting a great deal

Yesterday I practically danced out of Ulta because I paid $5.97 for an $83 Murad Serum!

A little backstory: Ulta is in the midst of their awesome 21 Days of Beauty sale. Every day for 21 days, they feature a handful of different products on sale that are usually half off!

One of yesterday’s products was Murad Environmental Shield Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum, a glycolic and tranexamic acid serum for fading hyperpigmentation, which I’ve been wanting to try forever.

A 1-ounce bottle is usually $83 (!), but yesterday it was on sale for 50% off, so you could snag one for the sweet price of $41.50.

But guess what? I got an even bigger deal by cashing in $36 in Ulta points.

All in all, I ended up paying a mere $5.50 for my bottle, plus 47 cents for tax.

Heck, I’m still happy about it and dancing in my chair as I type this, LOL!

2. They find like-minded beauty lovers in the most unexpected places

So, I’ve had a couple of doctor’s appointments this week to check on some things, and you know me. I try so hard to be strong and tough on the outside, but inside, I’m an emotionally mushy meatball and end up crying at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, I was at the OB/GYN getting some tests done on Monday and started getting weepy – nervous tears, purr usual – when the doctor said, “Hey now, if you cry, you’ll mess up your beautiful makeup.”

I ended up laughing because I felt so totally seen! That morning, I purposefully wore sleek cat eyeliner and a few cool-toned shadows on my lids thinking that nice eye makeup on would help me to avoid any tears.

I mentioned this to the doctor and she started laughing, too, and she said that it sounded like something she’d do as well. It lightened the mood significantly, and we both got a good chuckle.

3. They can talk about makeup even when things get weird

Speaking of makeup bringing people together, in the same conversation, I just happened to be wearing a hospital gown and not much else. Needless to say, I felt a little vulnerable.

It got less weird though, when the doctor mentioned that she wanted to try Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty line, and the nurse and I immediately jumped in to tell her that it was really good and what things she should buy.

Funny how talking about beauty can make even the most awkward moments a little easier to bear.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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