4 KP Physique Scrubs With The Finest Important Oils for Keratosis Pilaris


Those small, rough bumps on the skin, known as keratosis pilaris (KP), are both frustrating and embarrassing. While essential oils may not offer a complete cure, adding their soothing and nourishing properties to KP body scrub recipes can reduce the appearance of those unsightly bumps.

Body scrubs for keratosis pilaris

KP is a skin condition that comes from increased keratin production. The keratin builds up in and around the hair follicles, clogging them and preventing the hairs from reaching the surface. This leads to inflammation and the skin bumps characteristic of the condition.

Since there is no therapy that cures it, nonmedical treatment of KP usually involves emollients, exfoliants, and anti-inflammatory compounds to manage the symptoms [source]. Gently scrubbing the affected areas can help remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture.