A Fabulous Magnificence Field, BMI and Pelvic Ground Workouts


In this week’s Minipod I’m reflecting on the many responses that I had to my Instagram reel about the “little bits of wee” that have started appearing from time to time after particularly violent sneezes and laughing fits. I discuss the reasons this starts to happen (it’s not just to do with birth) and share some of your brilliant suggestions for keeping things in check.

I also talk about Body Mass Index and how I was quite surprised about my “health weight” range.

Later I get onto beauty and recommendations with a truly phenomenal beauty box (the best I’ve ever come across), an amazing Insta handle you have to follow if you want amazing Mediterranean recipe ideas, an SOS balm that everyone could do with having and two books (one inspiring and the other utterly trashy but non putdownable).

Enjoy Outspoken Beauties xx


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