Bust Cellulite With A DIY Slimming Seaweed Wrap


Applying a body mask is a bit more complicated than a plain old face mask, but the results—tighter, glowing skin all over—are way worth it! This cellulite-busting seaweed body wrap is the perfect way to get the spa experience in the privacy and comfort of home, without the hefty price tag. The clarifying seaweed, essential oils, and clay in this wrap are excellent for toning the skin and stimulating your lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body.


Cellulite can affect women of all shapes and sizes. Massages, applying caffeine topically, and dry brushing with essential oils are some of my go-to natural solutions. Body wraps are another way to remove toxins and excess fluids that can cause lumps and bumps.

And seaweed is a go-to ingredient in cellulite body wraps as it stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow to detox the skin, in addition to delivering vital minerals and vitamins, improving skin texture, and reducing inflammation. All of which help the appearance of dimpled skin, hurrah!