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‘Prey for dawn’
Captive is a 2023 American horror film in which a group of stoners break into a house for a weekend party but realise all is not cool after finding a mysterious stranger held captive in the basement…

Directed by Gregg Simon (The Cook) from a screenplay by Travis Seppala.

The Pollen Path Entertainment production stars Scout Taylor-Compton (Bury the Bride; The Long Night; An Intrusion; Ghost House; Halloween 2007), Brendan Fehr (The Amityville Curse; Silent NightFinal Destination; Disturbing Behavior), Tasie Lawrence (House of Anubis), Christina Robinson (Dexter), Katalina Parrish (The Ridiculous 6), Cody Frank, Michael Lovato, Ryan Stajmiger, Christina Robinson, Timothy Chivalette, Thomas Choisnet, David Hudstedt, Tom Stajmiger, Elle Peji, Tamas Nadas, Alex Gopal, Christina Gopal, Kevin Chambers, Shannon Potts McDonald, Kristy Cates, Jarrod Kailef and Braden Young.


“Director Gregg Simon (the TV series Blood Drive) and writer Travis Seppala have put together a quick-moving horror movie that sets you up for plenty of mayhem and delays just slightly before giving you all the red stuff. Cinematographer Jordi Ruiz Maso has a good eye for capturing the action and the addition of Bava-esque reds and blues to the credits and kill scenes ramps up the killing scenes.” B&S About Movies

“It’s a bit of a slow burn until a big party in the final act turns into a vampire bonanza. This film is sleek and sexy and I had a good time with it.” Boys, Bears and Scares

Scout Taylor-Compton and Frank deliver exceptional performances in their respective roles […] The film establishes a dreamy atmosphere with its visually striking elements. It incorporates sporadic sequences featuring vivid imagery such as blood cells, flames, and sunsets, along with scenes illuminated using bold red and blue lighting. The story feels natural and fresh, yet ample room for improvement remains.” High on Films

“The action has no bite and the dull plot will leave you yawning. Outside of Scout Taylor-Compton’s performance and some fairly light horror thrills […] It’s a boring horror movie that may appeal to non-horror fans. Fans of light romance and people who are desperate for more vampire stuff.” ★★ Knockout Horror


“Visually, the film has a dreamlike atmosphere with intermittent collages of vibrant images of blood cells, flames, and sunsets and scenes shot with vibrant red and blue lighting […] a fun and engaging action horror movie. The story is not predictable and, much to my delight, explodes in chaos. While over-the-top, Captive has an original twist and a surprise ending that I thoroughly enjoyed.” ★★★½ Morbidly Beautiful

“Probably the best drawn is Ashley but even she is flimsy. As for the new partygoers, well they are just fodder. However, it does have a charm and Scout Taylor-Compton does her best with very little. There is a minor twist at the end but it is far from earth-shattering. Nevertheless, I was entertained enough and there were some great soundtrack choices.” 5.5 out of 10, Taliesin Meets the Vampires

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