A Marvelous Make-up Cleanser and three Recreation-Altering Issues for Higher Mornings

[ad_1] I liked this! I really wanted the Oat Cleansing Balm makeup remover by the Inkey List to smell like a freshly baked oatmeal cookie. Alas, it’s more like uncooked oatmeal when you first open the packaging. Kinda earthy. I don’t mind it! This balm is a first cleanse which removes all your makeup, even … Read more

Making Rosewater at Dwelling: 4 Straightforward Strategies Plus 11 Magnificence Makes use of

[ad_1] Roses are so many things. Sure, they’re pretty to look at and they smell amazing, but they are so. much. more. Here’s our easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make rose water, so you can control what goes into it and also save a few bucks. I love to spritz rosewater on my face … Read more

Megan Fox’s Coachella Magnificence Routine Consists of This $44 SPF Mist

[ad_1] Megan Fox is among many celebrities basking in the sun at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA. But according to her makeup artist, Jenna Kristina, that’s not deterring the 37-year-old actress from protecting her skin from the sun’s intense rays with broad-spectrum a SPF product. Kristina did Fox’s makeup for … Read more

7 Finest Postpartum Kits of 2024: Frida, Bodily, and Extra

[ad_1] Ice is also your friend. “Ice packs that can be used on the perineal area may help decrease swelling related to vaginal delivery,” says Dr. Purdie. “They can also help with any burning feeling that may be associated with the C-section scar.” You should definitely have extra postpartum pads (which are basically large maxi … Read more

April Showers Of Magnificence: Waterproof And Great Ideas For The Season

[ad_1]   April Showers of Beauty: Waterproof and Wonderful Tips for the Season As April showers sprinkle our days with rain, it’s the perfect time to delve into beauty tips that withstand the weather and enhance your you beauty. Whether you’re braving the wet streets or just looking for products that offer longevity and luxury, … Read more

Dominique Ludwig – The Actuality of Extremely Processed Meals and Methods to Eat For Higher Well being

[ad_1] In this episode I speak to the brilliant nutritionist Dominique Ludwig. Dominique is highly qualified and a hugely trusted voice in this field and during the episode we have an in depth chat about how ultra-processed food has become so commonplace and why it is the last thing that we should be eating if … Read more