Ghost kitchens are vanishing as a consequence of mounting criticism and demand

[ad_1] The big picture: Ghost kitchens sprang to life as a temporary solution to help restaurants stay afloat during the pandemic. Now that Covid has subsided and life as we know it has more or less returned to normal, ghost kitchens are falling out of favor with operators and consumers. Ghost kitchens, sometimes called cloud … Read more

Why I Want Apple to Make a Foldable iPhone

[ad_1] Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro brought big changes, including new cameras, titanium designs and USB-C. A folding iPhone, however, was nowhere to be seen. At least, not one you can fold without snapping it in half and ruining it. With many mobile firms including Samsung, Google and OnePlus already selling folding devices, it’s beginning to feel like … Read more

Framework’s software program and firmware have been a large number, but it surely’s engaged on them

[ad_1] Enlarge / The Framework Laptop 13. Andrew Cunningham Since Framework showed off its first prototypes in February 2021, we’ve generally been fans of the company’s modular, repairable, upgradeable laptops. Not that the company’s hardware releases to date have been perfect—each Framework Laptop 13 model has had quirks and flaws that range from minor to quite … Read more

The Obtain: a historical past of brainwashing, and America’s chipmaking ambitions

[ad_1] Zooming in further, there’s one particular type of insulating material placed between the chip and the structure beneath it; this material, called dielectric film, is produced in sheets as thin as white blood cells. For 30 years, a single Japanese company called Ajinomoto has made billions producing this particular film. Competitors have struggled to … Read more

TechCrunch Mobility: Cruise robotaxis return and Ford’s BlueCruise comes underneath scrutiny

[ad_1] Welcome back to TechCrunch Mobility — your central hub for news and insights on the future of transportation. Sign up here — just click TechCrunch Mobility — to receive the newsletter every weekend in your inbox. Subscribe for free. It was another wild week in the world of transportation, particularly in the EV startup and automated driving … Read more

The WD Ultrastar Transporter helps as much as 368 terabytes of storage in a 30-pound kind issue

[ad_1] The big picture: Western Digital offers storage solutions for a wide range of use cases, including some of the most niche scenarios. This includes situations like conducting seismic exploration in remote areas or working in locations with slow internet connections. For individuals facing these challenges, WD has introduced the Ultrastar Transporter. Weighing 30 pounds … Read more

The way to get your colour evaluation, season with TikTok and ChatGPT

[ad_1] Are you a “true spring” or a “bright winter?” Buckle up, because identifying your most flattering colors might take time, patience and a crash course in style history. Recently TikTok has doubled down on solving the highly personal mystery that is color analysis — the process that purports to reveal which colors look best … Read more