Decrease Decks Season 4 Does not Ignore The Unusual New Worlds Crossover


In the season 4 premiere of “Lower Decks,” Mariner makes it clear that, unlike some TV crossover events that seem to be forgotten by each character as soon as they happen, the events of “Those Old Scientists” were canon. When Boimler gets nervous about handling the historically important equipment on the Voyager, Mariner points out that this should actually be really low-stakes compared to what they did during the off-season. “Dude, this is nothing compared to, you know, that Pike thing we aren’t supposed to talk about,” Mariner discreetly notes when no one is listening.

It makes sense that the pair wouldn’t talk much about their time aboard the original Enterprise, given that their portal time-traveling side quest could have messed up their entire future if they didn’t zip it. They didn’t follow directions well at the time, but now that they have a new secret to guard — the fact that they used future knowledge to help rehabilitate the reputation of Orion culture back in the past — Boimler and Mariner would do best to keep quiet about their crossover.


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