Discovering my Summer season Glow with Sephora


Now that we’re right in the heat of the mid-summer, I’ve been striving to maintain a balance between dewy and glowy versus super shiny and greasy. My skin has become drier over the last few years, but is still combination. I easily tip over into the oily/greasy range, especially in high humidity. So, rather than get my glow with extra hydration, I’ve been looking for other ways to maintain a glow. I’ve been on the hunt for luminous and glowy makeup that doesn’t feel heavy, lets my skin shine through, and also doesn’t make me look like a glittery disco ball. That’s a tall order!

Luckily, I was able to find some great options at Sephora (per usual). There was a primer (more info on that below) that I wasn’t 100% sure about trying as it is mattifying. Did I need mattifying? I’m not sure I’m combination enough to need a mattifying primer. However, I was able to use some of my Beauty Insider Program points to get a deluxe sample. If you haven’t joined the (free) Beauty Insider Program yet, you really should! In addition to earning points for products and discounts, there are seasonal discount events, point multiplier events, and soon I’ll be picking up my free birthday gift as a Rouge member!

Kosas vs Westman comparison  Swatch of westmand and kosas glow products

All Over Shimmer

The most obvious way to add some glow is to add on of the latest all over shimmer/illuminator liquids into my routine. I already have the Kosas Glow I.V. and like it, but I’ve been hearing about the Westman Atelier Liquid Super Loaded All-Over Illuminator Drops since they were released and I’ve been really curious if they were worth the upgrade. I think they are, but in select situations.

Here you can see the Westman in Peau De Rosè (a cool oyster pink per Sephora) and Kosas in Revive (very light silver champagne). They seem like they should be very similar, drops of shimmer in different tones. You can use them all over your face, mixed into other products or strategically applied to your face. I think the shimmer is different in them, the Westman is a little more subtle, and finer, than the Kosas. Kosas is a little more concentrated and while it isn’t glittery, it is a bit stronger of a shimmer.

I think the Westman is better for a more natural look. I love it for all over the face or mixed in to my tinted moisturizer (I’ve been using my splurge item of  La Mer The Radiant SkinTint SPF 30 in Light this summer), when applied directly to the face it’s a more subtle look but still gives a very pretty glow. Kosas can be used for all of the same things, but it’s a little more shimmer, so less natural looking. It really depends on what kind of a look I’m going for that day. I love having both, but I’ll likely be using the Westman more frequently for some targeted glow on my inner eye and cheekbones.

NARS Undereye brightener

Brightening Under My Eyes

Try as I might, unless I do something surgical I’ve now reached the age where I look tired. Even if I’m not tired. So in the past I’ve used some brightening eye creams, though since I cover it up with concealer it didn’t help much. NARS just released a new undereye brightener, which promises to be a combination of makeup and skincare, with light reflection to help brighten the entire area.

I already use the NARS Soft Matte Concealer under my eyes, and the new Light Reflecting™ Undereye Brightener looked like a slightly modified/updated version, so I was really excited to try it out.

I usually use vanilla in Soft Matte, but Light Reflecting only comes in a few shades, so I bought Night Swan. The color works for now, but if I might do a little better with Golden Eye. The product works just like Soft Matte, it’s an easy to blend concealer, slightly creamy. It doesn’t sink into any fine lines or wrinkles, and I haven’t had any issues with caking mid-day. I do think the coverage is just as good as Soft Matte, and it is a little brighter of a look. I’m hoping it comes out in more shades, and I’ll be reaching for this when covering up an undereye issues.

Pat McGrath Divine Blush

Pretty Blush

I’m a sucker for a pretty PAT McGRATH LABS Divine Blush: Legendary Glow Colour Balm in Divine Rose – soft rose


New Lippies

There have been some great new lip formulations released recently, and I haven’t been able to resist them!

Pictured left to right are Kosas Wet Stick Moisturizing Shiny Sheer Lipstick in Malibu, and Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Matte Lip Blur Liquid Lipstick in Pillow Talk Blur (middle picture) and Rose Blur (right picture).

The Kosas feels much more like a tinted lip balm, but with a slightly better color payoff. It’s really shiny, and the color looks great. I immediately stuck this one in my work bag, I’ll be wearing it frequently while on the job!

I’m not usually a matte lippie girl. I have thin lips, and dry lips just always make my lips look even thinner. But this new formulation from Charlotte Tilbury looked… different? As if I could finally have a matter lip that wouldn’t make my lips shrivel up into oblivion. It really is a great formulation, a whipped liquid lipstick that spread easily but doesn’t smear all over, and also feels very comfortable on the lips. I was very pleased with the formula, and glad I had bought both an everyday neutral (Pillow Talk Blur) and something a tad bolder (Rose Blur) than I’m usually comfortable wearing.


What have you done this summer to keep your look updated? I’d love to know your recent makeup finds!


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