Espresso-Infused DIY Firming Physique Oil + Finest Important Oils for Cellulite


First, the bad news: Your cellulite is probably here to stay. Womp, womp. But there is good news! You can reduce its appearance by making a toning body oil with energizing coffee oil and the best cellulite essential oils. The multi-purpose body oil works as an all-over moisturizer and a dry brushing oil that’s easy to make and quickly absorbed into the skin.

I went down the rabbit hole of cellulite remedies not long ago and went full-on into dry brushing, body wraps, cellulite massaging, and toning body oils. After trying out a couple of pricey cellulite body oils, I realized it would be insanely easy to re-create at home. I love a good homemade body oil, especially one that feels light on the skin and contains essential oils that do more than just smell good.