Farrah Storr – The way to Develop into a Substack Sensation


In this (absolutely fascinating) episode I’m joined by former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, Womens Health and Elle, the amazing Farrah Storr.

As you’ll hear Farrah imagined that she’d be in magazines all her life but as the media landscape has changed, she’s moved away and now spends her time running the UK division of Substack where she also publishes her own very successful newsletter Things Worth Knowing.

During the episode we discuss Farrah’s career and where she is now. We have a really interesting conversation about how the role of editor has now shifted (the title no longer exists at Vogue, instead being called Head of Editorial Content) and what this means for the future of magazines. We also explore how many former edtors are now self-publishing on Substack and making more money then they did in their former high profile jobs.

This leads us to chat about we can not only get the best out of Substack as readers but also how easy it is to start one and build a wonderful community and potentially new career.

I hope that you leave this episode as inspired as I am. Substack really does seem like such a wonderful option for people who are sick of short form content that is based on annoying algorithms. Who knows, you could be earning enough on Substack to enable you to leave your job this time next year!

Check out Farrah’s Substack here
Oh and my own one The Outspoken is here


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