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LockBit, a group allegedly linked to Russia, published details on a nuclear submarine base, among other sites, the paper claims

Sensitive information on Britain’s key defense and intelligence installations ended up on the dark web after hackers breached a contractor’s database, The Mirror reports. The newspaper alleged that the criminals are linked to Russia. 

In an article on Saturday, the British media outlet claimed that a hacker group known as LockBit gained access to the computer system of a company called Zaun in August. The latter, according to the newspaper, specializes in making fences and providing perimeter security solutions for high-risk sites. 

Among the documents that reportedly ended up in the public domain are descriptions of specific protection equipment installed at the Porton Down defense laboratory. The Mirror reported that sales orders detailing goods bought for Clyde Naval Base, which houses Britain’s nuclear deterrent, were also leaked.   

Zaun confirmed the “sophisticated cyber attack,” adding, however, that the hackers did not get their hands on any classified materials. 

According to the piece, the security arrangements at the communications complex in Bude, the Royal Air Force Waddington base, Cawdor Barracks electronic warfare center, and a number of high-security prisons may have been compromised in the same fashion.  

The paper quoted Labour MP Kevan Jones from the Commons Defense Select Committee as warning that the leak could have serious ramifications. His Conservative colleague Tobias Ellwood was quick to point the finger at Russia. 

The Mirror reported that the LockBit hacker group rose to prominence in 2020 with its ransomware attacks, and is considered among the most dangerous currently operating. One of its members, Russian national Mikhail Matveev, is on the FBI’s most wanted list, with several other Russians detained in the US and Canada over its activities, the article said.  

In May, Microsoft claimed that state-sponsored Chinese hackers had been conducting a sophisticated surveillance operation on key US infrastructure assets, including the telecommunications and transportation sectors. 

A group known as Volt Typhoon was also allegedly seeking to “disrupt critical communications infrastructure between the United States and the Asia region during future crises,” Microsoft added. 

Beijing vehemently denied the allegations at the time.


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