LYCAN COLONY (2006) A city stuffed with werewolves! Evaluations and Blu-ray information


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Lycan Colony is a 2006 American supernatural horror film in which two siblings and a newly settled doctor’s family discover the local town folk are good and evil werewolves!

Written, produced, photographed, directed, edited and scored by Rob Roy.

The Wits’-End Entertainment production stars Sean Burgoyne, Kadrolsha Ona Carole, Libby Collins, Bill Finley, Paul Henry, Kristi Lynn, Steve Pascucci, Jacob Roy, Ryan O Roy, Bill Sykes, Gretchen Weisiger, Sophia Wong and Karl Bertelmann.


A disgraced, alcoholic surgeon moves with his family to a small town in New Hampshire. Unknown to them, the entire town is populated with werewolves, some good and others very evil. They soon find themselves thrust into an ancient, mystical battle between the wolf packs that will change their family furever…

“While this is not the worst film I have ever seen, the level of incompetence is so thorough as to almost be awe-inspiring. First-time writer/director Rob Roy has never made another film. So credit to him for having at least some self-awareness about his own talent. (Or there was a restraining order placed preventing him from getting within fifty feet of a movie camera. Either is possible).” 1 out of 10, Cinematic Diversions

“Trust me, there are things that happen in this movie, you just won’t care about any of them because yer gonna be too busy shaking your head at all the weird, cheap, and just poorly done elements, mistakes, and bad choices in this flick.” Indie Film Cafe

“It’s bad.  It’s really bad.  There are certain levels of bad you might expect here.  It’s a low-budget werewolf film by a one-time director.  That bar is set nice and low now.  Somehow, they still manage to trip over said bar and embarrass themselves.  They use CGI for things that they shouldn’t need it for.” Mondo Bizarro


Blu-ray release:
Lycan Colony
will be issued on Special Edition Blu-ray by Visual Vengeance, a sister label to Wild Eye Releasing, on October 24, 2023.


“An astoundingly ambitious and riveting example of pure outsider cinema, Lycan Colony’s reputation is well earned as every bizarre creative decision unfolds and you are dropped into its metaphysical alternate reality. Lycan Colony now enjoys its first time ever on Blu-ray and is packed with bonus features, including the full RiffTrax version and a brand new interview with writer/ producer/ director Rob Roy.”

All Region Blu-ray
Limited Edition Slipcase – First pressing only
Limited Edition ‘New Hampshire Forest Scent’ Air Freshener – First pressing only
Commentary with director Rob Roy
Commentary with Sam Panico of B&S About Movies and Bill Van Ryn of Drive-In Asylum
New 2022 interview with director Rob Roy
The full Rifftrax version of Lycan Colony
Blooper Reel
Lycan Colony Music Video
Original Trailer
Visual Vengeance Trailers
Four-page liner notes/essay by Sam Panico
Collectible folded mini-poster
‘Stick your own’ VHS sticker set
Reversible Blu-ray sleeve
Optional English subtitles

Laughably, some websites have lazily just cut and pasted the Visual Vengeance press release for this movie which describes it as a “cult classic”. Tellingly, Lycan Colony was previously described by bad movie leeches RiffTrax as “the worst movie we’ve ever done.” Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself whether this is indeed a “cult classic”. It certainly looks like a must-see for aficionados of the weirdest and worst cinema.

Visual Vengeance trailer:

RiffTrax trailer [it’s so easy to go for low hanging fruit, eh?]:

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