Recreation Of Thrones’ Package Harington Discovered The Laborious Means How Painful Dragon Driving Can Be


Anyone who has testicles has had many instances in their life of truly searing pain and discomfort at unexpected times. The sensitivity is sometimes so great that just a light tap could send someone to their knees, let alone sitting down on a chair wrong. Well, riding a dragon turns out to be not great, either. Back in 2019, experienced dragon rider Emilia Clarke was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and revealed that Kit Harington was a bit too cavalier about his dragon-riding ability before actually doing it:

“Well he was kind of, you know, arrogant about it and was like, ‘I can do this.’ And then he got on, and that was when I learned that men riding dragons is, like, a whole other thing than a lady who rides a dragon. A little more uncomfortable for them … So he looked really pained. It’s like, ‘You alright dude?’ He’s like [grunting] ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ So yeah, yeah. And I sat – I was letting the girl doing the joysticks know to just — whenever she felt needed — to just mess with him.”

Achieving the dragon riding on “Game of Thrones” required the actors to mount this gigantic hydraulic system, but unlike a horse, you can’t just sit upright on it. You have to both straddle the thing and nearly lie face down as well. There truly is nowhere for one’s testicles to hide in this position. Then you have to deal with all the sharp, unexpected motions of the rig as well. Having not actually participated in this, I can just imagine how uncomfortable the whole endeavor is. Riding a horse feels rough enough on the anatomy. I don’t ever need to ride a fake dragon.


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