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In September, Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 9. After years of minor upgrades to its smartwatch lineup, here’s what we know about this hotly anticipated upcoming product.

We’ll cover all the latest rumors pertaining to the Apple Watch Series 9 release date, price, specs, watchOS 10, and much more.

What will Apple call the next Apple Watch?

If the Cupertino firm follows the trend, Apple will likely name the next Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 9.

Will there be an Apple Watch Series X instead?

Although rumors claimed Apple was readying an Apple Watch Series X for 2023, the suggestion doesn’t make sense as only the product’s operating system is nearing version 10, but the Watch isn’t turning ten years old yet.

That said, it doesn’t mean Apple won’t launch an Apple Watch Series X in the future – as it has previously done with the iPhone. Just don’t expect 2023 to be the year.

Apple Watch Series 9 features

Image source: Apple


Rumors so far believe Apple will stick another year with the same display size as the Apple Watch Series 7: 41mm and 45mm. Since the company now offers a titanium Apple Watch Ultra, the Series 9 will probably be offered in aluminum and stainless steel options.

In June, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said in his Power On newsletter that Apple is readying three new watches in 2023: Two Apple Watch Series 9 models and one Apple Watch Ultra. That could mean different finish options.

Leaker ShrimpApplePro believes the box of this Apple Watch will be smaller compared to previous iterations.

This Apple Watch might be 3D-printed

While it was previously rumored that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 would have some 3D-printed parts to reduce costs, Gurman has said that Series 9 would also follow the same path. He says Apple is testing 3D printers to produce the steel chassis used by some of its upcoming smartwatches.

“The technique would obviate the need to cut large slabs of metal into the product’s shape. That would reduce the time it takes to build devices while also helping the environment by using less material, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the plan is private,” says the report.

If the report is accurate, Apple will use a tech called “binder jetting” to print a device’s outline close to the actual shape. Apple uses a powdered substance in this first step. Then, another process involves heat and pressure to squeeze the material into something that feels like steel. The resulting part is then refined with milling.

Apple is testing the technology while manufacturing the upcoming stainless steel Apple Watch Series 9 models. It’s not going to 3D print titanium Apple Watch Ultra 2 chassis this year. However, Gurman says Apple wants to use the 3D printing tech for titanium devices in 2024.


ShrimpApplePro also leaked the colors of the upcoming Apple Watch. Interestingly enough, he believes a new pink color is being added to this device, which could make sense with a previous rumor saying Apple is readying a pink iPhone 15. That said, here are the colors for the Apple Watch Series 9:


  • Midnight
  • Starlight
  • Silver
  • Pink

Stainless Steel:


Sharing contact information (NameDrop) via AirDrop between iPhone and Apple Watch.
Sharing contact information (NameDrop) via AirDrop between iPhone and Apple Watch. Image source: Apple Inc.

At the beginning of the year, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said the Series 9 might have a new processor but no new sensors. Currently, Apple is working on a blood glucose sensor, but reports say it’s still years away from being released.

We still don’t know how much faster this new S9 chip will be, but since the latest spec bumps were around 20% to 30%, we could likely have a similar improvement to this upcoming Apple Watch.

By the end of July, Gurman addressed the S9 processor once again: “All of this year’s [Apple Watch] models will get a fairly sizable performance bump thanks to the new S9 processor. This marks the first time since the S6 chip launched in 2020 — with the Series 6 watch — that the lineup gets significant speed improvements.”


No new sensors are expected for this year’s Apple Watch. That said, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman expects Apple will improve existing ones. He says this new watch will get “various sensor and internal component upgrades with a focus on speed, efficiency, and accuracy.”

Apple will also upgrade its optical heart rate sensor, probably improving its reading accuracy. These are all the current sensors available for the Apple Watch:

  • High and low heart rate notifications
  • Irregular rhythm notification
  • Cardio fitness notifications
  • Temperature sensing
  • Emergency SOS
  • International emergency calling
  • Fall Detection
  • Crash Detection
  • High-g accelerometer

Apple Watch Series 9 will be powered by watchOS 10

watchOS 10 new gestures on Apple WatchImage source: José Adorno for BGR

Since the Apple Watch Series 9 won’t have groundbreaking hardware functionalities, Apple is betting on improved watchOS 10 features to make this device more enticing. With watchOS 9, Apple expanded its Sleep functionalities, revamped Watch Faces, and a new Medications app.

This time, Apple says that “virtually every app has been rethought.” With that, these apps use the entire screen to create new places for content, so you can see and do more, which is especially useful for a larger Apple Watch display. In addition, Apple added two new Watch Faces, Pallet and Snoopy.

With Smart Stack widgets, you get the information you need below any Watch Face. You just need to turn the Digital Crown to reveal widgets in the Smart Stack. It includes multiple timers, your next meeting, music playing, and more.

The Control Center is now available when pressing the side button. Pressing the Digital Crown once still opens the App Library – which has been reimagined – and pressing twice opens the cards added to your Apple Wallet.

New features for Apple Fitness Plus on watchOS 10 include the ability to create a custom plan for your workouts. If you have a goal, such as a personal event, or want to lose weight, you can select your weekly schedule, how long you are planning to workout per day, the length of the plan (up to 8 weeks), and the activity types you’re planning to engage.

You can learn more about watchOS 10 here.

Release date

If Apple follows the trend, the company could announce Series 9 during the iPhone 15 event in September. It’s called Wonderlust and will take place on September 12. After the announcement, the Apple Watch should be available in the stores in the following week.

Leaker ShrimpApplePro says the production of this watch is fine, so no delays are expected. That said, this product could launch by the third week of September.


With no significant changes planned for the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple could likely keep the same prices for the upcoming model. The Apple Watch Series 8 currently starts at $399 with an aluminum case and Wi-Fi only. The stainless steel version starts at $699 with Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity. Both prices are for the 41mm option. Regarding its bands, Apple will probably charge the same amount as it already does.

A new page to buy Apple Watch

Image source: Apple Inc.

Before announcing the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple revamped its Apple Watch buying page on its official website. Now, the company offers a streamlined and slimmed-down experience, highlighting each part of your new Watch, giving users a better understatement of how to customize this wearable properly.

For example, when you start shopping for an Apple Watch Series 8, you begin by choosing the material and finish. Once you select Aluminum, it shows the different cases and how each looks; the same is worth it for Stainless Steel models.

After that, you choose the case size and different bands. Since bands are a crucial part of the Apple Watch customization, Apple first shows the four options: Rubber, Textiles, Leather, and Stainless Steel. Then, when you click on each option, the company shows the different brands and, finally, the different colors.

Finally, you choose if you have a Watch to use as a trade-in, how you plan to pay, and if you want to add AppleCare+. During the whole process, Apple also tells you how much you will spend with each option and the benefits of each one.


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