Sonal Keay – The Unbelievable Energy of Silk


This episode is in partnership with This is Silk

In this episode I get to meet the incredible Sonal Keay. Sonal is the founder of one of my new favourite skincare brands, This Is Silk, and has been on a real journey both with her own skin and her career.

As you’ll hear, Sonal has a rare and life-altering skin condition that has at times been incredibly challenging for her. It is this condition that is part of the reason that she became obsessed with the healing and repairing qualities of silk. The more she learnt about it. the more she realised the extent that it could help both herself and others and This Is Silk was born.

Before launching This Is Silk Sonal was a barrister and it’s fascinating to hear how much her life has changed both personally and professionally.

I loved getting to know Sonal. She’s such a genuine woman and has put so much into creating a brand that is truly special. Her story is not only fascinating but truly inspiring and I can’t wait for you to hear it.


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