Ghost kitchens are vanishing as a consequence of mounting criticism and demand

[ad_1] The big picture: Ghost kitchens sprang to life as a temporary solution to help restaurants stay afloat during the pandemic. Now that Covid has subsided and life as we know it has more or less returned to normal, ghost kitchens are falling out of favor with operators and consumers. Ghost kitchens, sometimes called cloud … Read more

RESTLESS WATERS, SHIVERING LIGHTS (2024) Ghost horror preview with trailer

[ad_1] What do you think of this movie? Click on a star to rate it    Restless Waters, Shivering Lights is a 2024 Spanish horror film in which a grieving father and daughter go to an isolated lighthouse. Directed and co-produced by Ángeles Hernández from a screenplay co-written with David Matamoros and José Pérez Quintero. … Read more

GHOST (2023) Evaluations of apocalyptic demonic horror

[ad_1] New! Visitor ratings! Click on a star to indicate your rating of this movie!    ‘Forgive me father’Ghost is a 2023 American action horror film about a deadly religious cult that is weaponising demonic entities; it’s therefore up to a band of church-funded mercenaries to take the cult down before they literally unleash Hell … Read more