Why you are seeing the time period ‘high-functioning’ throughout social media

[ad_1] On TikTok you’ll find millions of users diagnosing themselves using the term “high-functioning” — high-functioning anxiety, high-functioning depression, high-functioning autism. The term “high-functioning” isn’t actually clinical, but, generally, it refers to those who perform well in work and in school. So if someone has high-functioning depression, it means they are excelling at their job, … Read more

Supreme Court docket skeptical of social media legal guidelines that bar content material removing

[ad_1] A majority of the Supreme Court seemed broadly skeptical Monday that state governments have the power to set rules for how social media platforms curate content, with both liberal and conservative justices inclined to stop Texas and Florida from immediately implementing laws that ban the removal of certain controversial posts or political content. Even … Read more

Compelled Migration Grows, Justice Withers, Say Activists at World Social Discussion board — World Points

[ad_1] “Governments are not motivated to fix migrants’ issues because the money they send home keeps their economies running” Credit: Shutterstock by Marty Logan (kathmandu) Monday, February 19, 2024 Inter Press Service KATHMANDU, Feb 19 (IPS) – As involuntary migration rises around the world, partly in response to the impacts of climate change, justice for those … Read more

World Social Discussion board Activists Unravel Roots of Israels Occupation of Gaza — International Points

[ad_1] Protesting against Israel’s attacks on Gaza, at the opening day march of the World Social Forum in Kathmandu. Credit: Marty Logan/IPS by Marty Logan (kathmandu) Saturday, February 17, 2024 Inter Press Service KATHMANDU, Feb 17 (IPS) – Romi Ghimire has a busy life running a non-profit organization dedicated to Nepal’s rural people, but she also … Read more

Istanbul Basaksehir tremendous and mortgage out Israel’s Eden Karzev for social media submit

[ad_1] Karzev joined Istanbul Basaksehir in January 2023 Istanbul Basaksehir have fined Israeli midfielder Eden Karzev following his social media post in support of his compatriots being held hostage in Gaza. On Instagram, Karzev had shared the slogan calling to “Bring them home now” in reference to the hostages. Basaksehir saidexternal-link his post had “violated … Read more

Republican Debate Opens With Rivals Attacking Nikki Haley Over Her Assist From Company Degree Donors And Her Name For Social Media Verification

[ad_1] The fourth Republican debate opened on Wednesday with rivals setting their sights on Nikki Haley, who has emerged as the leading alternative to front runner Donald Trump, who again was a no-show. At the NewsNation-hosted event, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy each tried to cast Haley as a creature of the corporate … Read more

Stealthy social commerce startup faucets into Meta roots to create AI-first model messaging

[ad_1] With consumer focus being pulled in lots of directions these days, it’s that much harder for brands to capture attention for longer than the average scroll on social media. At the same time, purchases made via social platforms are poised to reach nearly $3 trillion, globally, by 2026. Nectar AI wants to provide direct-to-consumer … Read more

Palestinians Declare Social Media ‘Censorship’ Is Endangering Lives

[ad_1] When Israel issued an evacuation order from north Gaza on October 13, Shouq Al-Najjar left her house and headed south, to the city of Khan Younis, where she’s now sharing a home with 150 relatives and friends. Every day is a struggle for the basics. “Now bakeries are stretched to the limit. They cannot … Read more

AI voice clones are throughout social media, they usually’re onerous to detect

[ad_1] Comment on this storyComment Days before a pivotal national election in Slovakia last month, a seemingly damning audio clip began circulating widely on social media. A voice that sounded like the country’s Progressive party leader, Michal Šimečka, described a scheme to rig the vote, in part by bribing members of the country’s marginalized Roma … Read more