This Vitamin C Serum Additionally Helps Elastin for Anti-Growing old Advantages


It feels like late summer has seen a lot of new vitamin C launches. While some stand out, others fade into the saturated background. Alastin’s recent launch, C-Radical Defense Antioxidant Serum, has set itself apart with its proven benefits from a novel form of vitamin C that go beyond those generally associated with the antioxidant.

The Benefits:

I love layering this serum on in the morning so it meets its full potential, protecting my skin throughout the day against UV damage, free radicals, blue light, pollution and more. It makes me feel just a bit better about occasionally forgetting to reapply sunscreen. I’m always pleasantly surprised when a vitamin C product doesn’t irritate my sensitive, rosacea and KP-prone skin. This serum doesn’t make my skin burn and instead leaves it with a fresh feeling. It’s super lightweight and goes on smoothly. The usual intense smell of vitamin C is replaced with a light barely-there scent.

If you’re a skin-care junkie, you might know there are a few forms of vitamin C, some better than others. This formula features a proprietary encapsulated liposome delivery system containing a novel form of vitamin C, Sodium Ascorbate. This form of vitamin C not only protects against free radical damage but also supports the skin’s ability to conserve elastin.

The antioxidant benefits are crucial here, as with any vitamin C serum. However, what’s unique is its ability to stimulate collagen production, which can help prevent sagging and wrinkling. This vitamin C serum is a good option if you’re looking to get the antioxidant benefits but are also concerned about signs of aging. It will help brighten skin and reduce signs of premature aging like fine lines, wrinkles and photodamage.

Key Ingredients:

Sodium Ascorbate, Physalis Angulata, green tea, ectoin, Centella Asiatica Extract, squalane

Bottom Line:

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to start on your vitamin C journey or you’ve been along for the ride for a while and want an option with a ton of anti-aging properties, this is the serum to try.

Price/Where to Buy:, $178


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