Vince Vaughn Provides Sports activities Betting Prediction For ESPN’s ‘School Recreation Day’ Look – Deadline


Vince Vaughn told us in his 1996 film, Swingers, to always double down on 11 when playing blackjack.

Now he’s advanced to sports betting advice, appearing as the celebrity guest Saturday on ESPN’s College Game Day.

Vaughn wore a Notre Dame letterman jacket as he sat on stage alongside Pat McAfee, Lee Corso, and Desmond Howard

He explained that he was wearing the jacket because of his role in the 1993 sports film classic, Rudy, the story of an undersized lineman who made a play for the ages in Notre Dame football. Vaughn played quarterback Jamie O’Hara in the film, and cited that as his reason when he picked Notre Dame to win over the Ohio State Buckeyes

“The Buckeyes are for real, always. You can never doubt them. That being said, I played for Notre Dame — I threw a pass. If I had half the heart of Rudy, I would have been All-American instead of picking games up here with you guys.”

Watch the moment below.


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