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When the Trash Man Knocks is a 2023 American horror film about an agoraphobic woman and her son who must face their fears when the killer who traumatised them returns.

Written, directed by and co-starring Christopher Wesley Moore (The House of Covered Mirrors; Children of Sin; A Stranger Among the LivingTriggeredBlessed Are the Children).). Executive produced by Derek Robert Hull Bond and Cami Roebuck.

The CWM Entertainment production also stars Jo-Ann Robinson, Deenie Castleberry, Meredith Mohler, Lewis Hines, Derek Robert Hull, Jeff Buchwald, Cami Roebuck, Keni Bounds, David Moncrief, Will Lovorn, Tracey Echo Mohler, Brent Hearn, Ana-Claire Henley, Jacob Thomas, Allie Bennett, Eric Riggs, J.C. Patterson and Cheryl Abernathy.

In a small Southern town, there lurks a malevolent shadow known as the Trash Man. For over two decades, he’s been a whispered tale of terror, a name spoken only in hushed tones around dimly lit campfires. Caroline Caldwell (Jo-Ann Robinson) knows this all too well. For years, she’s been trapped within the suffocating confines of her domineering mother’s home, imprisoned by the harrowing memories of a brutal Thanksgiving massacre that claimed the lives of her husband and eldest son.

But now, her nightmare is far from over. The Trash Man has returned and he comes, as the legend goes, to collect more than just a pound of flesh. The Trash Man seeks to create a twisted family from the pieces of others, a grotesque mosaic of limbs and souls. As the Trash Man’s infernal designs unfold and the streets run red with blood, Caroline and her remaining son, Justin, are thrust into a relentless nightmare from which there is no waking.

In the darkness of this forsaken town, the Trash Man’s legend is reborn. And as the chilling whisper spreads, you’ll wonder if that knock at your own door is just a kindly neighbour, or if the Trash Man is closer than you think…


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